LLC IK NORVEL has organized a full-fledged storage system for oil and refined products on the territory of its own bases.

The created storage infrastructure meets all modern requirements and is able to work under various loads.

Our infrastructure stores are divided into 3 types:

  1. Factory type. Such storage facilities are being built in close proximity to production centers. In most cases, they perform the function of backup storages. Suitable for storage of raw materials and refined products.
  2. Buffer type. These storage facilities are built directly into the transportation system and are some kind of nodes that ensure the uniform and uninterrupted delivery of raw materials and oil products.
  3. Mining industry. Such storage facilities are built in close proximity to wells and serve as temporary storage for freshly mined raw materials awaiting further transportation.

In addition, each of our bases has a classification in relation to the total volume of the tank farm. But regardless of it, any of them is provided by two systems, the presence of which is mandatory:

  1. Storage system for oil and refined products.
  2. System for ensuring safety and minimizing the risks of environmental pollution.

Each base of our company, regardless of its class and volume of the tank farm, has all the necessary permits and certifications to work with the relevant types of products and customers from all over the world.